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Having done counseling and consulting businesses for over 25 years nationwide and internationally, I have the insight and resources to ensure you are direct towards success. Whatever your goals are, I provide a unique and personalized service to help you realize your strengths and weakness so that we can address them effectively. Empowering you is my specialty, and I always strive to provide you with complete transparency and customer satisfaction. If you require help with business goals or finding purpose in your life, you can depend on me to fulfill those needs. Let us begin exploring your inner talents and augmenting your strengths, so your lifestyle can feel and be how you’ve always envisioned. Contact me at Cheng Hueichen LPC today to schedule a consultation.

Jane (Heui-chen) Cheng's Credentials:

· MS, MA, M.Div, Ph.D., D.Min
· Coach/Consultant/Trainer
· Licensed professional counselor
· Certified Behavior Coach
· NCE Board Certified Coach
· AACC Board Certified Christian Coach
· IIN Certified Holistic Coach

Decatur, GA 30034

Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm Sun: Closed

(470) 719-4877

[email protected]