J. L.
I learned how to better manage my emotions to reduce depression anxiety and anger mood. I can improve my relationship with others. I can see more potential in myself to perform better to make more money now. I recommend their service to all my friends.
Sarah Shi
I've been a client of Dr. Cheng for 3 months, she's very knowledgable and helpful. Her expertise in psychology and society has great value to her clients. Dr. Cheng also is very familiar with Eastern Asia culture, so she can help her clients to blend in the American culture. It was my pleasure to work with Dr. Cheng in the past. Strongly recommend Dr. Cheng for anyone who's seeking psychological counselling.
I am able to use my unique talent to create a business and life I love. Dr Cheng helps me to double my income in 3 months to help me and my family to have fun time and vacation. I strongly recommend to work with her to reach your best dream.
Dr. Cheng helped me go through acute depression and generalized anxiety disorder, she's very knowledgable and helpful. Now my life has transformed completely with her help. I recommend Dr. Cheng to anyone who wants a new start in life.
Dr.Cheng is an awesome counselor. When I first started with Dr. Cheng I was going through some personal situations and I was feeling depressed. After each session, I started feeling better about the situations that were happening to me. I still have some ways to go but I can say that I feel way better compared to when I first started my sessions.
I am truthfully thankful for what I've learned from Dr. Cheng. She's a very helpful therapist, from what she taught, I realized much on my own belief system. After recognizing my own belief system, I can better cope with the anxiety that keeps me from sleep at night. If you're considering to become her new patient or you have depression symptoms, please trust her help.
Dr. Cheng is compassionate and listens well. She gives homework assignments based on cognitive behavioral therapy model as well as guiding me through experiential exercises that have helped me to overcome fear. I highly recommend Dr. Cheng.
I am able to find my passion to live my best purpose to move forward and better manage my stress and relationship. I am able to be healed from my past trauma and loss of loved ones. Thank you. Dr cheng
I am able to use my special gifts to create a work I love to make impact on others and improve my relationship with my family to be happier and make more money. I strongly recommend everyone to use their high quality service.
Dr. Cheng had been really. I had a major depression and GAD and Dr. Cheng used her expertise and knowledge helped me to get through my toughest time in life. Now I have a much happier life. Thank you Dr. Cheng. - Sarah S.